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Woody's journey began in Zimbabwe, where he acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience that has paved the way for all of his accomplishments. Moving to New Zealand at the age of 14, he settled in West Auckland, where he has resided for the past 20 years, gaining an in-depth understanding of the local market.

Woody's linguistic capabilities in English, Hindi, Gujarati, and Shona have been invaluable in developing a strong rapport with clients, allowing him to communicate effectively with them. He is known to combine his attention to detail, exceptional negotiating skills, and extensive experience in sales and banking to deliver remarkable results.

In addition to his professional success, Woody's personal interests include playing hockey, cooking, and barbecuing with charcoal. His passion for barbecuing is such that he is always on the lookout for the perfect spot to have one, as attested by his friends.

As an accomplished Real Estate agent, Woody's mission is to provide his clients with a smooth, stress-free experience throughout their transactions. With a natural affinity for securing contracts and negotiating optimal outcomes, he is well-positioned to assist clients with their Real Estate needs.

Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or an experienced seller, Woody's enthusiasm and eagerness to deliver excellent results make him the ideal agent for all your Real Estate requirements. Don't hesitate to get in touch with Woody for professional assistance and barbecuing tips from the Master!

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